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So, I'm going to make what is probably going to be the most unpopular opinion about Black Panther: I found it to be mediocre, at best. Hold up, put your torches and pitchforks away, and hear me out.

First of all: the plot. It's already been done. To death. Wakanda is basically no different than Atlantis or El Dorado. Stories about those two places have existed for centuries. Places of vast wealth and advanced technology, closed off from the rest of the world. It's been done so often it's cliche. The same can be said of the power struggle. In fact, it was done within the last decade, within the MCU, in the movie Thor. It's essentially the same thing. Thor was supposed to be king of Asgard, he wasn't ready, he wasn't worthy, and got outcast to Earth until he became worthy of the throne. T'Challa was became king of Wakanda, but he wasn't ready or worthy for that either, and got usurped, only to regain the throne later after some soul searching. This power struggle plotline is nauseatingly cliche. There are more books/TV shows/films/anime etc featuring this plotline than I care to count. Is Marvel really unable to come up with original stories any more?

Few other points that put the movie down include Martin Freeman's character (an American CIA agent played by a British actor with a British accent, sketchy enough as it is but the character really didn't add anything to the story), Klaue (a very limp villain who somehow managed to sneak into Wakanda, steal its tech, and escape their justice for 30 years. None of this is explained, leaving for one huge plot hole), the mountain tribe (because that's original too. A stubborn tribe that doesn't want to join a union but remain independent, only coming to help at just the right time), Wakanda's technology (it was hard enough finding credibility in Tony Stark's inventions, but Wakanda's tech makes Stark's seem archaic, and therefore devoid of credibility), and finally the whole last-minute bullshit. Why do so many movies still insist upon this? Saving the day at the last possible second occurs in 95% of all movies that have ever been made. It goes well beyond anything that the word "cliche" could ever summarize. It doesn't add tension anymore. It's too predictable for that. You want the audience to be surprised? Give the hero enough time to make a cup of tea and drink it before saving the day. Hell, have them save the day with enough time left over for a marathon sex session or something. Just stop with the over-used last-second shite.

All of this, in addition to poorly written characters, poorly written and executed jokes, and a few other minor grievances, add up to a film that was so deeply disappointing, especially given the hype for it. People were going insane for Black Panther, and for the life of me, I cannot see why. It seriously was not worth the hype it received.

The worst part is that this is just the latest in a run of bad Marvel movies. Iron Man 3, Spiderman Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Thor Ragnarok, and now this. It's to the point where I'm now reluctant to watch Infinity War, because I don't see this trend breaking any time soon. I wish Marvel movies could go back to how they were 10 years ago. Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Those four movies were off the chain. Even their immediate sequels (those that had them, since Incredile Hulk didn't) were first rate. But it looks like Marvel has gotten too ambitious with this MCU thing. It's gotten too big, too out-of-hand, and the films are losing quality as a result. I'm somewhat keen to see Antman and The Wasp, since that seems a bit more like what I'm after, but that's about it. Even that I'm hesitant about.

That's all I'll say. You can disagree with me all you like, just keep it civil and respectful, please. Let's all be mature here, okay? Throwing insults around doesn't help anything.
Honest Opinion of Black Panther
Wtached it today, this is how I feel about it. Boy am I bound to catch a lot of flak for this.
Finally managed to start working on a new art project, at last. It's for a currently unannounced story series though, so I'm not sure when I'll be uploading it here (if at all since dA has kind of gone down the tubes over the past few years. Less art, more spam, more troll posting etc). Kind of wish I'd had more time available so that I could at least finish the line art section, but hey, a start is a start. First time drawing anything mecha/cyberpunk too so... that makes things interesting.
I *will* get back to my drawings someday. I'm just having trouble pulling myself away from Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Very addictive game. I've got a project that I'd like to start on this year, though it's going to be one heck of a challenge. A lot of work will be involved, and I'll be needing to learn to use new software. Not the fastest learner in the world so this could be a challenge.

I've also got an idea for an A3 size drawing I want to do. Though I'll need an A3 scanner first, otherwise that won't work out too well for me (what with my poor photography skills).
M26 Pershing
The M26 Pershing is an American heavy tank that was designed to be an improvement upon the M4 Stuart, but which saw limited action during WWII. Production and development of the Pershing was delayed by three main factors. 1) The US Army ran under the Tank Destroyer doctrine, and therefore had no doctrinal use for Heavy tanks. 2) A heavy tank would affect America's 3,000 mile supply line to Europe, and would cause considerable problems in terms of transport, supply and servicing. 3) Complacency also played a role, as the M4 was capable of dealing with the common Panzer III and early Panzer IV tanks. A lack of foresight meant that the US tank designers and manufacturers failed to anticipate future German tanks, such as the Tiger I and the Panther, which would be capable of pushing back the M4s. In contrast, both Britain and Russia were in an arms race with Germany to try and stay one step ahead with their tanks. The result of the delays is that the Pershing didn't even enter production until late in 1944, and saw very little action in WWII as a direct consequence of this.
The Jagdpanzer V Jagdpanther is widely regarded as being one of the best self-propelled guns and one of the most effective tank destroyers of World War II. It was a significant improvement over the Jagdpanzer IV, which had numerous flaws in its design. The Jagdpanther was built upon the chassis of the Panther Medium tank, and features a sloped superstructure of thick steel plates, the design of which allowed for highly effective protection of the crew. The 8.8cm Pak 43 L71 Anti Tank gun proved to be devastatingly effective in combat. The Jagdpanther had well-balanced performance results, along woth good armour and good offensive capabilities. However, there was much difficulty in producing the Jagdpanther in large numbers, a lack of fuel supplies as well, and the threat of air strikes were all drawbacks in Jagdpanther production.
So, after a rash of frequent uploading, I've had a dry spell... of sorts. I've not been able to get a lot of writing done lately due to a lack of time, energy and focus. Work's been very busy and very stressful lately, which drains the hell out of my energy. That in turn sucks up my free time (as it takes longer to regain my energy) and also makes it harder for me to focus. Even on my days off, I'm still drained. I am still writing, for now, but at a much slower pace than I'd like. At my current pace, it'll be late July before the next chapter of the SAO fanfic is ready for upload, at the earliest. That's how bad things are. It'll be end of September before I get any real time off, and by then I'm sure to have burned out on SAO. I'm still able to focus on my Sachi drawing, but time and energy are a factor.

When I inevitably burn out on SAO, I've decided that I will switch to one of my original projects. Based on what I have drafted so far, I'd say Kami no Kodomo is the most likely project. However, I wouldn't rule out Guardian of the Seven Heavens, Kami Ryoushi, Kokoro no Sensou, Off The Grid, You Reap What You Sow, or Zodiac. So it's a little too early to say for certain what my next project will be. There's plenty of options.

That's all for now.

Yoroshiku ne.


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